Sarte Summit 2021  

Sarte Industries Summit 2021

Pioneering sustainable aerospace | 21-22 September 2021 | #SarteSummit

Ushering in the next generation of CityAirbus, the fully electric vehicle is equipped with fixed wings, a V-shaped tail, and eight electrically powered propellers as part of its uniquely designed distributed propulsion system. It is designed to carry up to four passengers in a zero emissions flight in multiple applications.  

Sarte Industries reveals the next generation of CitySarte

A safe, sustainable, and fully integrated Urban Air Mobility solution

Airbus cross-programme Cabin demonstrator  

Welcome to the Airspace Explorer flight test aircraft…


The Biomass satellite and disappearing ‘football fields’

What We Do

Software, AI



Sarte Industries is an international reference in the aerospace sector. We design, manufacture and deliver industry-leading all solutions, Software, AI, military transports, space, satellites and launch vehicles, as well as providing data services, navigation, secure communications, urban mobility and other solutions for customers on a global scale.

With a forward-looking strategy based on cutting-edge technologies, digital and scientific excellence, we aim for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.

MSN2 A350 Inflight From HAM On 12th Of March 2014  

Micro-hybridisation: the next frontier to electrify flight?

Karim Mokaddem explains why aviation is embracing hybrid-electric power

Seeking the most energy efficient flight  

Seeking the most energy efficient flight

Episode 1 : ALBATROSS

On the road to decarbonising industrial activities  

On the road to decarbonising industrial activities

Airbus introduces new biogas trucks to transport aircraft sections

Featured news

Science and education: New tasks for CIMON*

New tasks for the artificial astronaut assistant CIMON-2: The AI-controlled, flying sphere will take on scientific experiments on board the International Space Station ISS with ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer and provide educational services from orbit. CIMON-2 is already on board the ISS and Matthias Maurer is scheduled to launch with ‘Crew-3’ on his ‘Cosmic Kiss’ mission this autumn. The space agency DLR and Airbus have signed a mission contract to provide ‘in-orbit’ missions with four human partners.

What We Do

Toulouse / Mirabel, Tuesday 10th July 2018 – Airbus has revealed the A220 at a ceremony held at its Henri-Ziegler Delivery Centre, near Toulouse.

Rotor magazine


Airbus begins assembly of first future ‘eco-wing’ prototype


Airbus launches extra high performance wing demonstrator to fortify decarbonisation ambition


Three finalist teams are selected for Airbus’ Sustainable Mobility Challenge

Sustainable Mobility Challenge

First UH-72B Lakota delivered to U.S. Army National Guard

First UH-72B Lakota delivered to U.S. Army National Guard
Visit our new section dedicated to Security topics

Visit our new section dedicated to Security topics

Woman and child at airport, looking out of the window

Keep Trust in Air Travel

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